SACCA Logo - Syrian American Civic Cultural Association


The Syrian American Civic Cultural Association (SACCA) was officially established on November 17, 2017, as 509(a)(2) public charity. SACCA is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-sectarian organization.

We at SACCA aspire to create, through cultural, social, and charitable activities a positive environment for the Syrian American community; an environment that helps in strengthening the social fabric of our community, spreading the concepts of volunteerism and proactive citizenship, introducing the unique and rich culture of the diverse people of Syria and other communities in the United States and interacting with the American culture & society.

In addition to charity and support programs for the Syrian refugees and new-comers, SACCA’s goal is to establish a platform for dialogue within the Syrian American community on one hand and between the Syrian American community and other communities on the other hand as well as the American public at large.


“Acquainting the American public with the Syrian culture, assisting Syrian expatriates in California and the U.S. to integrate into American society, acculturating them to American values, and helping them educate future generations in the principles of secularism, pluralism, democracy, and human rights, rather than autocracy, while preserving the rich culture and traditions of the Syrian people.”

Our Vision

Establish a Syrian American Center that serves as a:

  • Beacon for Syrian culture and art.
  • Platform for the cultural dialogue in American society.
  • Foundation that spreads the culture of freedom, democracy, pluralism, and human rights.


  • Membership in SACCA is open to anyone 18 years of age or above who resides legally in the US, and is committed to the aspirations, goals, and purposes of SACCA.
  • Membership dues and donations will be used to support SACCA’s cultural, humanitarian & charitable programs and activities.
  • All membership dues and donations to SACCA are tax deductible.